Everything that OCS Fun Pty Ltd do in the day- to -day operation of our attractions business could impact in a detrimental way on the environment, that is why we understand unless we take the necessary care and responsibility to prevent environmental damage that can cause heartache.

These are just some of the ways a amusement workplace can impact on the environment -

  • Atmospheric emissions
  • Site contamination through spills
  • Noise emission
  • Damage to flora and fauna
  • Poor storm-water management
  • Excessive or unnecessary energy consumption
  • Various States’ legislation recognizes the benefits to the community of maintaining a clean, green and healthy environment.

We acknowledge the benefits of environmental management and undertake to fulfil our legal and community duty, by taking all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimize harm to the environment. All employees, contractors and visitors are directed to act likewise by exercising due diligence toward the environment in all their activities.

We are committed to achieving compatibility between economic development and the maintenance of the environment. We seek to ensure that the proper consideration is given to the care of the flora, fauna, air, land, water and the community, which may be affected by our activities.

To fulfil this commitment, we will observe all environmental laws and promote environmental awareness among our staff to increase understanding of environmental; matters.

We also undertake to notify the relevant authority in the event of a major environmental impact that causes harm, or have the potential to cause harm, to the environment.

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