Amusement and Show ride TICKETING programmes

For most of our events OCS uses a coupon system for the amusement rides. This amusement and carnival ticketing consists of – Central ticketing - where all coupons can be purchased for the amusement rides.

Single coupons are $2 per coupon. Each ride requires a certain number of coupons per person.

OCS Fun offer discount coupon packages –

  • 12 coupons for $20
  • 35 coupons for $50

These packages have proven to be very popular with families.

Carnival Wristband promotions – one of the most popular promotions from OCS fun is to simplify the monetary audit trial and accountability. The Amusement wristband purchase covers all carnival rides for a period of 3 hours. Just imagine how easy and pleased the patrons will be! This pre-pay amusement promotion is generally held during the afternoon or on quieter nights to increase guest numbers.

OCS aims to bring thrilling amusement rides, presented in amusement park style settings. OCS has a commitment to bring the most customer friendly midway in the country to your event.

Keeping these goals in mind, OCS will continue to progress, one smile at a time, into the future. Talk to OCS Fun for your next event

OCS assists to help your MARKETING PLAN
We know the work involved in running rides, carnivals and all amusements can seem overwhelming – OCS fun has put the fun back into the carnival events by making your marketing easy – OCS Fun help you market with our comprehensive plan: Download our OCS Fun brochure

Including a simple effective method to make your event shine!

  1. Lower ride prices – a real winner for visitors to ensure they have fun
  2. Wristband promotions – easy and simple no lost carnival tickets
  3. Fireworks promotions – spectacular fireworks create wonderful memories
  4. $2 per ride promotions – great value options
  5. Safe, family friendly event – everyone goes home with a smile
  6. Comfortable environment with seating and covered eating areas provided when required. – is that what you would expect to cater for all?

OCS is a true one stop shop. See our 10 point carnival and amusement checklist

Download our OCS Fun brochure