Thrill Rides


This amusement ride movement can be summed up in two words - "centrifugal force" - of 4g's, spinning at 24rpm in less than 20 seconds. Gravitron amusement ride passengers are held with centrifugal force against the wall as the carnival ride begins to spin, giving the amusement ride passengers the thrill of high speed just like the them inside the ride of a "space craft". Another way of thinking about the Gravitron is Sydney Luna Parks “the rotor” if you loved that fun park ride years ago – then the Gravitron thrill ride is for you!


The para-trooper carnival ride features umbrella covered amusement chairs which are mounted on a long arm which rotates. The hydraulic-powered arm rises to a 45-degree angle thrilling the amusement ride guest. The carnival themed seats rock and swing out under centrifugal force as the centre amusement wheel rotates.


OCS Guest and Riders sit on the rotating disc. The disc spins and then rises to an angle and begins to rotate in an opposite direction, making a wave type motion. The Trabant amusement ride is a real winner in the thrill and fun stake – people love it.