Games, side show alley and all the fun of the fair!

What would an amusement park, fairground, carnival be without the ubiquitous side show alley? Yes, most amusement park visitors have fond memories of all the great knock-em’ down, shoot-em up side show games – the reality is for events, festivals, amusements fairs and special events is that hiring carnival games provide ambience and flair for your next event, carnival, festival, family function, street fair, market fair , wedding or special function.

We listen to your specific needs or can help using our 40+ years of show, carnival, attractions and amusement experience to guide you. So, whether is “ every player wins a prize or some other style you require – OCS Amusement Games has the answer to your next event, carnival, festival, family function, wedding or special function – Contact OCS Fun now.

Balloon Darts – throwing darts and balloons and playing cards – how much fun it that!

Basketball – test your ball skills in this fun side show skill game - who knows you could be the next shooter for the Sydney Kings - Go the Kings!

Catch-a-duck – a whole lot of fun as little duckies bounce around on a pool of water you try to catch one in a sideshow game of skill and laughs.

Laughing Clowns – The eternal favourite clown game, a true side-show classic.

Wack and Smash – fun and lively as they pop up though their hole, you smash it to them! There is a giggle in every game!

Bucket Game – A bucket of water, some balls and a whole lot of side show fun. Don't miss this classic fair ground game.

Pick-a-prize – This one is as simple as it gets – a side show amusement – buy some tickets and pick a prize matching your winning numbers.