Family Rides

Adventure Island Log Flume

A True family size log water amusement ride, where the whole family can enjoy the thrills and spills of this exciting carnival ride together. The water base log flume ride is themed as an Adventure Island Jungle playground, with palm trees, carnival jungle boats, tropical plants and all the sights of a jungle adventure amusement ride, including life size African wildlife. The Jungle boats follow a waterway around and up and over waterfalls. This is a very popular and spectacular attraction for any event yet, safe of kiddies and fun loving adults alike.

Crazy Croc

The Crazy Crock mini roller coaster is a fun filled children’s size roller coaster. The children amusement riders sit in a giant “happy” crocodile as Crazy the Croc runs smoothly around a carnival sized kiddies train track. Aim at the younger carnival riders and those children who may be too small for the larger roller coasters can then
ride the Crazy Croc on their own and enjoy the excitement of the ride. Crazy Croc is a wonderful.

Cup and Saucer

Take an amusement ride in a teacup perhaps the mad hatter said that! . This colourful amusement ride can swirl and spin you round and round, backwards and forwards until you are positively dizzy! Although it is a thrill carnival ride – spinning fast or spinning slow you are in control! YES the rider controls the Tea Cup ride entirely! One tea cup can go fats while you enjoy a sedate family ride – you choose. Yes, the Cup & Saucer Family Ride is designed to accommodate mums and dads plus the kids.
The theming of the carnival ride is the ride itself the ride looks like fun, attractive and colourful Cup & Saucers. To add to the fun park theme, the centrepiece is a giant teapot. Colourful fences surround the ride, which enhances its appearance as well as aiding in the safety of the patrons. Amusement Park fun for the entire family.

Dodgem Cars

In amusement terms there a few more patronised amusement rides that tat old favourite carnival the Dodgem Cars are an absolute favourite amusement ride experience. The perfect amusement attraction that will bring joy, laughter and fun to any event, festival, carnival, corporate team building day or OCS Rides and Games have even provided a Dodgem car track to a wedding! Make you special event, Super special with a professional run Dodgem car track!

Fantasy Merry-go-round

This carnival Merry-go-Round is a smaller version of the popular Galloping Horse Carousel amusement ride. The Fantasy Merry Go Rou replicates the same wonderful movement, horses and carriages but as a fun family sized amusement ride. Great carnival fun for the whole family.

Free Fall Drop Tower

The first free-fall amusement experience for kiddies! A family sized carnival carriage is safely attached to a tower. The carnival carriage seats 10 people, secured with restraints. The amusement car is lifted and allowed to fall and stop with a fail safe brake. Each amusement ride consists of several climbs and falls to ensure the rider delights in the amusement ride. Mums and Dads can join the children and enjoy the free-falling action of this fun filled amusement ride, which is quite thrilling and brings a smile to everyone’s face. This is a very popular family carnival ride and is an exciting attraction and amusement park centrepiece to any children’s carnival area. Colour, lights and sounds make this ride a must!