Extreme Rides

Double Ranger

The Ranger amusement ride is an all time favourite for those who like more of a thrill at carnivals and festivals. The amusement ride consists of two gondolas (with lap bars and shoulder harnesses) are each attached to an arm. The two arms
are connected to a central stationary strut, which is in turn fixed to a trailer. The two arms swing each of the gondolas in opposing directions to other gondola, inverting the
riders at the same time. The combination of colour, attractive lighting, banners and
popular music along with the visual effects and sounds of the amusement ride in motion make this ride the popular carnival attraction that it has proven to be time after time.

Super Slide

The Super Slide amusement ride is the most state-of-the-art slide available today. It has eight bright and colourful slide lanes, hydraulic jacks for set-up, fully galvanized base and side supports, safety fences and pads on slide arrival. The top of the carnival slide is accessed by a moving walkway with moving hand supports to save our carnival guests the climb to the top. OCS Rides and game guests ride on specially designed sliding carnival slide carpets. The surface of the entire amusement slide has a heating system to allow the amusement slide to perform in damp conditions.
The carnival lighting effects are quite amazing, with special globo lights instead of normal pole lights of normal carnival attractions. Carnival LED lights fixed on the sidewalls of the slide add a spectacular disco effect and light show. With the addition of spectacular, programmable back scenery, featuring LED lights, this amusement ride is a sight to behold.

Wave Swinger

This spinning amusement ride gives its passengers the sensation of floating through the air. The Wave Swinger lifts its 48 passengers, seated in individual swings, off the ground and moves them around a rotating centre column that tilts up and down, giving the ride a wave-action effect. Its action is thrilling enough for the teenagers but gentle
enough for the families, which make it one of the most popular, amusement rides on any show or event. The Wave swinger amusement is a beautiful ride with a definite old world carnival charm. With its original oil paintings, tasteful carnival lighting and classic amusement ride appearance it is by far one of the most photographed fairground rides in the world. It is the perfect and most desired carnival centrepiece to any show or event.