Children's Rides

Chopper Bikes

For the young bikers! Ride the new Chopper Bikes. Experience the thrill of a "wheel stand" on your own motorbike. The bikes are beautifully presented and the lights and realistic sounds add to the appeal of the ride.


OCS rides and games offers a variety of inflatable jumping castles. Many different designs and sizes are available in OCS Fun’s range of Inflatable Castles, Ski Jumps inflatables. Almost any theme or style of blow up ‘castles” are ready to entertain and delight children and youngsters alike. The style of inflatable fun jumping castles allow ease of carnival set up yet, have a big value fun attraction for any Festival, School Fete, Show, Corporate event, Family Function or Wedding or your special project.

Mini Chairs

For those kiddies who are not quite ready for the Wave swinger but want the thrill and the sensation of floating in the air we have the Mini Chairs. The passengers sit in individual swings, which move around a rotating centre column. Painted murals on the centre column and bright, colourful lights add to the attraction of the ride. The fencing is both secure and colour co-ordinated to enhance the overall theme. The Mini Chairs is one of the only children's ride that caters for the tiny tots. The smallest members can ride to their hearts delight, by themselves in complete safety.

Mini Jet

The Mini Jet carnival ride consists of amusement planes and fun helicopters, which are on hydraulic arms. The function allows children to enjoy the Mini Jet ride as a jet pilot! The safety design allows by the arms to move up and down individually. While the young amusement riders are able to control the up and down movement with a handle in their own personal amusement plane or carnival helicopter as the ride turns, giving the feeling of flying. Operating at a modest speed still offers wonderful thrill for the kiddies!


Children ride small paddleboats in a pool. The young amusement riders have the chance to operate their own boat by pedalling with their legs. Not only is OCS Rides and Games pleased with the positive comment this ride generates we love to see children enjoying themselves! The water on a hot day is a welcome and fun feature and even on those chilly days the pace of the amusement ride is sedate.

Truck Convoy

This children’s amusement ride consists of carnival style miniature trucks, These Mini track form a convoy around the circular track which runs consecutively on a portable track yet highly study. The attraction of this children’s ride is that the children enjoy the feeling and experience of driving their own vehicle without assistance. The children can take the wheel of the mini trucks, which are life like, fun and colourful and drive around the track. The mini amusement track can fit into any carnival area, as it is totally adjustable to suit venues small and large.